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I am a retired MSgt in the Air Force with 21 years of service in Aero Space Technologies, I started out as a Crew Chief on F4 Phantom, a few years later I went on to F16 Fighting Falcon and was Dock Chief, Flight Chief and Squadron Production Superintendent. Thought my career I owned and worked on numerous Corvettes, customizing fenders, flairs, hoods, fender louvers, Ferrari doors, wings, wraparound skirting and full body restoration and convertible conversions, I built two full show Corvettes, I have over 30 years experience in fiberglass construction.

Frequently Asked Questions about 1989 Batmobile Kit

I have received a lot of questions in regards to my and other kits in general. I will try my best to answer most common questions

How do you know so much about 1989 batmobile?

You can visit Kevin's 1989 Batmobile Build Log for more information.

What gives? It says I have to be a member to view your log?

I do apologize. Information contained in my build log are constantly stolen by trolls and used as their own. Even the earliest 1989 batmobile kits were sold with so called "1989 Batmobile Owner's Manual" that contained photos of my car. As precaution, the moderators of the site deicded to only allow members to view the site.
However, only the content of the build log is locked. You can visit Kevin's Gallery to view all the photos posted in the build log.
You can also visit here to view information about my kit.

Are you an expert on 1989 batmobiles only? What about 1966 batmobiles?

I have been invovled in both 1966 batmobile and 1989 batmobile communities offline long before the communities expanded to online communities. You may remember the story of Lenny Robinson who was dressed up in Batman costume and his Lamborghini was pulled over by cops last year. Lenny travels all around the U.S. with his Batmobile visiting Children’s Hospitals dressed as Batman making children’s wishes in some cases last wishes come true, to meet Batman and see the Batmobile. His batmobile recently built in Canada had nothing but major problems and he recently came down and visited me and I was able to help him figure out the problems and find proper repair solutions in limited amount of time I had with his visit. You can check out the full detail in this post.

I read your 1989 Batmobile Kit info with great detail. Any last minute advice?

Always do your research on the kit seller and talk to other people about the said seller. There are so many rip offs and recasting horror stories involved in Batmobile community. A simple 10 minute search by the builder's name will yield enough search results to help you determine who to trust and who to avoid? You do not want to be a victim of rip off artist like this unfortunate person. You can read it in full detail here or check out the snapshot here.

I see XXX selling a kit half the price of normal ones. I've heard nothing but horror stories from them but surely I can just fix the problem myself using the money saved on the kit?

You do realize that XXX claimed to have the best/perfect kit. So why do you suppose they're dumping it now and making a new one supposedly fixing the problem?
Shipping from one coast to the other can range from $1,200 to $2,000 depending on how and who you use as a shipper. If you want to save on shipping you can pick up your kit your self or fly out and rent a U Haul truck or trailer.

Years ago no one had much of a choice where their kit came from much less the quality of the kit. Most individuals were just happy to have a kit and paid a premium price for the kit, even with parts missing from the kit. Most were very thin warped, nothing fit properly and a nightmare to straighten out.

Even if you do all the bodywork yourself you still wont be able to recoup what little money you will save on the transport costs. No kit is perfect and all need some work as any fiberglass kit; this being said many kits are just trash and the headache is not worth the time and effort put into the bodywork. Do yourself a favor and get the best kit you can afford you wont regret it. You will however regret cutting corners on shipping verses quality of your kit ultimately the choice is yours.
Also don't bother trying to cut cost by buying from Canada. Why go through all the hassles of high level scrutiny of items being moved across the border as items are checked and tariffs and taxes must be paid on items coming across the border. Sometimes full build or kits are cut in half to bypass the import tax and reassembled after crossing the border so gives you something to think about. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to.

XXX says his 1992 batmobile kit is better than 1989 batmobile kit.

I do have to laugh at this claim.
Take a look at this thread when rusty made the first discovery of the difference between 1989 and 1992 batmobiles. Now ask yourself when that XXX person became so called expert all of sudden when he didn't know squat back then and is just downloading whatever information is available to make bogus claims. I would be surprised if the said person even could tell the difference between a 1966 batmobile kit and 1989 batmobile kit let alone the 1992 batmobile kit.

Also, there are already 3 or 4 1989 batmobiles fully built or being built by many builders in Canada. And all of them crossed their state line to buy and ship them from USA. So if the Canadians aren't willing to buy from the same talentless hack, why would anyone in USA want to bother with this hack?

Check out the link where records of this talentless hack's begging for 1989 batmobile information from CLTC member which he denies later are posted. LINK

Here you can see the front frame used by the same talentless hack on his supposed superior 1992 batmobile.

If you notice that the forward support is placed too far forward it will not allow proper front-end attachment. The front turbine fiberglass shell will hit the support. The support needs to be behind the steering box. You could mount the body high on the frame then you will run into tire ride height and suspension problems. This problem can be overcome, not without a lot of modifications, time and money spent on the suspension. The next problem is the engine position, if you aren¡¯t going to move and lower the motor then you are forced to have a drive shave made up with a carrier bearings, any time you go over 72¡± a carrier bearing must be installed. Then you have to relocate the radiator somewhere around the motor or in the rear wheel well intakes then plumb it forward, also a lot of time and money.
This is what a properly mounted body with radiator mounted up front.

How can I contact you online or offline?

Click on the Contact link at top or bottom. Feel free to drop me a line for anything related to 1989 batmobile kit or batmobile kits in general.


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